Privacy statement

The usage of this website does not require sharing your personal details.

In case you want to contact us or ask for information, we need your contact details to respond back to you. These contact details will however be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and not be shared with a third party. Upon simple request, we remove your contact details from our registers.

Prayer requests can be shared anonymously - of course without the possibility to contact to you afterwards.

Contact details of website visitors, or entrusted to us by church visitors and members, are, as protection measure to comply with the upcoming GDPR regulations, not stored on the website servers.



Social media rules

General recommendations with respect to church related posts on social media like Facebook.

• In public feeds, only pictures with general “wide view” pictures can be posted, otherwise explicit consent from individuals is mandatory to have their picture posted.

• Explicit permission from parents to post pictures of their children is always mandatory.


Action items regarding the “closed” ICEL Near and Far group

• All service leaders and musicians should be informed that they are likely to be photographed and/or tagged/named on a weekly basis (Sunday worship service). If they do not wish to be photographed or tagged, they should inform the assigned photographer (Ina).

• No children’s pictures (where the children are identifiable) should be posted without explicit consent from the parents. No children should be tagged, even with parental consent.

• For posting any close-ups, explicit permission is always needed.


Sample language for website:

• Social media posts should not disclose confidential information.

• Social media representatives should refrain from posting photos of individuals (and identifying individuals) on any public social media feed, without their prior consent. “Tagging” should be disabled on any publicly viewable image.

• Social media representatives should respect copyright and fair use laws, making sure they have permission or authority to post content. When possible, the original source should be credited.

• Social media representatives regularly post photographs of weekly services on our closed Facebook page. We make every attempt to ask permission for close-up images, but you may appear in a photograph of the general congregation or, if you participate in activities at the front of church, in a picture of groups such as choir, worship leaders, etc. Such images are only viewable by members of the “ICEL near and far” Facebook page.

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