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You could not attend to previous Sunday service or you are just curious what our services are like? In this section you will find many of our previous Sunday messages. For messages of previous years, you are invited to have look in our archive.




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Date Title of the Message Speaker
19/11/2017 The parable of the talents
Eric Casteel
12/11/2017 The catch-22 of forgiveness
David Courey
05/11/2017 Pharisees versus disciples
Liisa Zondervan
29/10/2017 Gospel mentors or just talk ?
Martin Webber
22/10/2017 Distant from God
Amy Casteel
15/10/2017 The seasons of life
Truus Wierda
08/10/2017 God's fatherly heart
Vera Verbruggen
01/10/2017 (Sm)all things count
Kees Rosies
24/09/2017 "To live is Christ, to die is gain"
Michael Fletcher
17/09/2017 Who wants to be #1 ?
David Courey
10/09/2017 The parable of the workers in the vineyard
Eric Casteel
03/09/2017 Here I am
Robin Vogelzang
27/08/2017 Escaped: finding the song in the letter
Amy Casteel
20/08/2017 Dogs begging for leftovers
Gie Vleugels
13/08/2017 My heart's desire and prayer: Romans 10:1-15
Michael Fletcher
06/08/2017 Feeding the 5000: characteristics of effective ministry
Christophe Mertens
30/07/2017 God's purpose
Brian Gentle
23/07/2017 An invitation to thirsty souls and and a promise to become channels of blessing
Ishak Ghatas
09/07/2017 God will complete the good work he has begun
Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
02/07/2017 Nothing but rules and regulations
David Courey
25/06/2017 I will acknowledge you
Brian Gentle
18/06/2017 Call on the Lord
Gie Vleugels
11/06/2017 Trinity Sunday: God is a relational God
Pieter Boersema
04/06/2017 Pentecost: the Spirit-filled Church
Christophe Mertens
28/05/2017 Making sense of the ascension of Jesus
Martin Webber
21/05/2017 Just who am I ?
David Courey
14/05/2017 John 14:1-14
Nathan Gregory
07/05/2017 The Good Shepherd & I
Ranjith Robinson
30/04/2017 Welcoming Jesus Peregrinus
Martin Webber
23/04/2017 John 20:19-30
Francis Méan
16/04/2017 Easter: Getting unstuck
David Courey
09/04/2017 Taught by God's Best Student
Gie Vleugels
02/04/2017 Living a resurrection life
Martin Webber
26/03/2017 Light of the Word
Robin Vogelzang
19/03/2017 Grace that leads to reconciliation
Joseph Dimitrov
12/03/2017 By grace alone
Pieter Boersema
05/03/2017 The temptation of Jesus
Ranjith Robinson
26/02/2017 Jesus' Transfiguration
Christophe Mertens
19/02/2017 Raising the bar
David Courey
12/02/2017 Walking in God's way
Brian Gentle
05/02/2017 Fasting that makes sense
Martin Webber
29/01/2017 Losing the Gospel
David Courey
22/01/2017 Unity
Eric and Amy Casteel
15/01/2017 What John the Baptist knew about Jesus
Gie Vleugels
08/01/2017 I carried you
Kees Rosies
01/01/2017 Hallelujah
Michael Fletcher
25/12/2016 Peace on earth, good will to men
Phil Gottschalk
11/12/2016 Everlasting Joy
Christophe Mertens
04/12/2016 The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him
Pieter Boersema
27/11/2016 Second coming and hope: Away from the manger
David Courey
20/11/2016 John 21
Francis Méan
13/11/2016 Why are you weeping ?1
Brian Gentle
06/11/2016 Behold the man
Ranjith Robinson
30/10/2016 The righteousness of God
Michael Fletcher
23/10/2016 I am He
Simon Tyndall
16/10/2016 That all may be one
Kees Rosies
09/10/2016 Moving from I wish to I will
David Courey
02/10/2016 Love One Another
Christophe Mertens
25/09/2016 The True Vine
Simon Tyndall
18/09/2016 Don't be afraid
Martin Webber
11/09/2016 The Way
Gie Vleugels
04/09/2016 A new commandment
Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
28/08/2016 Whatever dies ... doesn't
David Courey
21/08/2016 Reading the Depth of our Lord's being as he approaches the cross
Ishak Ghattas
14/08/2016 I am the Son of God
Michael Fletcher
07/08/2016 I am the gate for the sheep
Kees Rosies
31/07/2016 I once was blind but now I see
Karin Rosies
24/07/2016 You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free
Truus Wierda
17/07/2016 I am the Light of the World
Brian Gentle
10/07/2016 Rivers of Living Water
Ranjith Robinson
03/07/2016 I am the Bread of Life
Christophe Mertens
26/06/2016 How to know spiritual truth
David Courey
19/06/2016 Beautiful feet
Patrick Brandes
12/06/2016 Pick up your pallet and walk
Martin Webber
05/06/2016 My food is to do His will
Michael Fletcher
29/05/2016 Are we dressed for the wedding?
Kees Rosies
22/05/2016 The Stability of our Christian Life
Joseph Dimitrov
15/05/2016 TheSpirit of Adoption
David Courey
08/05/2016 TheSon of Man must be lifted up
Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
01/05/2016 Zeal for Your House Will Consume Me
Gie Vleugels
24/04/2016 Following Jesus Liisa Zondervan
17/04/2016 The Son of God
Ranjith Robinson
10/04/2016 In the beginning was the Word
Francis Méan
03/04/2016 Jesus meets us in our fears and doubts Christophe Mertens
27/03/2016 The empty tomb, a gardener and the gospel
Ron Michener
20/03/2016 Mind of Christ (2): Humility
Kees Rosies
13/03/2016 Why ?
David Courey
06/03/2016 I confess Ranjith Robinson
28/02/2016 Blessing the living God while thirsting for the God of Blessing
Ron Michener
21/02/2016 Meditation Brian Gentle
14/02/2016 Genesis 1-2 Anne-Cathérine Pardon
07/02/2016 The Church is Unity in Diversity
Pieter Boersema
31/01/2016 Become child-like, not child-ish Michael Fletcher
24/01/2016 The Body of Christ
Simon Tyndall
17/01/2016 Gifts of the Spirit
Brian Gentle
10/01/2016 How to please God ?
Gie Vleugels
03/01/2016 Mind of Christ
Kees Rosies
27/12/2015 Why did God become man ? (2) Michael Fletcher
25/12/2015 What Child is this ? Phil Gottschalk
20/12/2015 The promised King, Shepherd, Saviour
Christophe Mertens
13/12/2015 Rejoice for the Lord is near Johan Lukasse
06/12/2015 Preparing the Way for the King
Ron Michener
29/11/2015 Why did God become man ? (1) Michael Fletcher
22/11/2015 Hands in art, hands in the Bible Francis Méan
15/11/2015 The Danger of Materialism
Ann Tyndall
08/11/2015 Sometimes Ya Gotta Shout
David Courey
01/11/2015 Wake Up! David Courey
25/10/2015  Blind Bartimaeus receives his sight Kees Rosies
18/10/2015 Serving God's servant Gie Vleugels
11/10/2015 In the shadow of the anointed one Jelle Creemers
04/10/2015 The Subversive Power of Grace in the Kingdom of God Ron Michener
27/09/2015 In the Secret Place
Clemente de Guzman
20/09/2015 Wisdom from above
Pieter Boersema
13/09/2015 Do You Know Who I Am ?
David Courey
06/09/2015 The Significance of the Times We Live In Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
30/08/2015 Do This in Remembrance of Me Bruce Hansen
23/08/2015 Abundance Kees Rosies
16/08/2015 Jonah and God's grace Ishak Ghatas
09/08/2015 God's comfort in troubled times Brian Gentle
02/08/2015 God's abundant gifts Simon Tyndall
26/07/2015 Reckon with God Brian Gentle
19/07/2015 The new Man of God
Gie Vleugels
12/07/2015 To the Praise of His Glory
Linda Pepper
05/07/2015 Habakkuk 1:1-13 Truus Wierda
28/06/2015 Times of grief Michael Fletcher
21/06/2015  Assurance of God's love Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
14/06/2015 The King, the kingdom and his vassals Gie Vleugels
07/06/2015 Crying from chaos, keeping courage for redemption Ron Michener
31/05/2015 testimonies of God's work George Verwer
24/05/2015 God sends his Spirit of Life Michael Fletcher
17/05/2015 The key to success David Courey
10/05/2015 Assurance of God's love Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
03/05/2015 The Gospel and the intersection of cultures Ron Michener
26/04/2015 Three realities of the Christian faith I believe in Kees Rosies
19/04/2015 The risen Christ brings new life Pieter Boersema
12/04/2015 The roots of the Christian life Ishak Ghattas
05/04/2015 Death has been swallowed up in victory Kees Rosies
03/04/2015 Good Friday message Brian Gentle
29/03/2015 James 2:1-13 Bruce Hansen
22/03/2015 In our place Kees Rosies
15/03/2015 Potential that does not remain confidential Joseph Dimitrov
08/03/2015   Benoit Lemestrez
01/03/2015 Abraham, the father of us all Simon Tyndall
22/02/2015 Choose your world ? Gie Vleugels
15/02/2015 Healing of leprosy in the Old and New Testament
Kees Rosies
08/02/2015 Good news for the needy Pieter Boersema
01/02/2015 Posturing praise and gratefulness in the everydayness of life Ron Michener
25/01/2015 Life before the final horn David Courey
18/01/2015 We belong to the Lord Simon Tyndall
11/01/2015 Temptation Francis Méan
04/01/2015 The light of the Lord for all nations
Brian Gentle
28/12/2014 Caring for Creation Denzil Walton
25/12/2014  The greatest gift on earth is to be received
Kees Rosies
21/12/2014 The Good News: requirements for a love relationship with God Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
14/12/2014 Complete sanctification Gie Vleugels
7/12/2014 The Christmas gospel without the crèche Ron Michener
30/11/2014 Jesus, the Attractive One Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
23/11/2014 Worldly disciples needed Patrick Nullens
16/11/2014 Do what you want (?) Michael Fletcher
09/11/2014 Get in the Game! David Courey
02/11/2014 The parable of the good Samaritan Kees Rosies
26/10/2014 Jesus Christ has set us free Jack Mc Donald
19/10/2014 Give back to God what is God's Gie Vleugels
12/10/2014 To whom do you entrust your life ? David Sies
05/10/2014 Living Heaven on Earth Ron Michener
28/09/2014 The Wealthy Young Man ('Banana Sermon') Jelle Creemers
21/09/2014 Unfolding the Map of Life David Courey
14/09/2014 Jesus, King of the Jews and the Messiah for the gentiles Pieter Boersema
07/09/2014 I have been crucified with Christ Michael Fletcher
31/08/2014 New King, New Law - A spirit of generosity  Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
24/08/2014 Authentic Peace - Attacking Worry in God's Way Roland Eskinazi
17/08/2014 How does faith work? Kees Rosies
10/08/2014 Believe and see God's glory in your life Abou Sama
03/08/2014 Nothing and no one will separate us from the love of Christ Michael Fletcher
27/07/2014 Longing for the Lord's commandments Gie Vleugels
20/07/2014 Athletes in Action Jodi Tarasewicz
13/07/2014 Caring for our inheritance Kees Rosies
06/07/2014 Don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God ? Truus Wierda
29/06/2014 Conversion Jack McDonald
22/06/2014 Why and how should I share the good news? Robert Innes
15/06/2014 Living in the circle of God's triune love Patrick Nullens
08/06/2014 Pentecost Phil Davis
01/06/2014 Suffering Joy Michael Fletcher
25/05/2014 Does God's holiness make you lose your icecream? Ron Michener
18/05/2014 Aladdin's magic lamp and  Christian prayer Gie Vleugels
11/05/2014 Our God is a relational God Pieter Boersema
04/05/2014 The Lord Alone is God
Larry Peck
27/04/2014 The Great Challenge Theo Visser
20/04/2014 Luke 24 - A Better Hope Phil Davis
18/04/2014 What is 'good' about Good Friday Jack McDonald
13/04/2014 The crucifixion Francis Méan
06/04/2014 Jesus is the Life of the World: The Faith of Vincent van Gogh Jack McDonald
30/03/2014 Never stop doing good Daniël Leuenberger
23/03/2014 Retain the Standard and Guard the Treasure Joseph Dimitrov
16/03/2014 The Great Commission is for everyone Phil Gottschalk
09/03/2014 God's Light for mankind Gie Vleugels
02/03/2014  God has a plan!
Larry Peck
23/02/2014 Isaiah's vision Jack McDonald
16/02/2014 Mighty to save Jermo van Nes
09/02/2014 Dealing with Disappointment Phil Davis
02/02/2014 The mercy of God Pieter Boersema
26/01/2014  Judgement and sanctification Gie Vleugels
19/01/2014 The Lamb of God Jack Mc Donald
12/01/2014 A life of faith is on daily basis Seth Sakyi-Gyinae
05/01/2014 They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength Larry Peck




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