Typical ICEL

When you walk into our chapel, the first thing you will notice is that we are mostly students (not necessarily young ones). Then you will notice the varieties of colours! We come  from all corners of the world. The third may be the way we worship: We sing, we pray and listen to Gods word, as exposed to us by one of our speakers. We are thankful for the input of many guest speakers, each of them with their own way of preaching. After church, we linger in the hallway, drink coffee, tea or other drinks. We chat, make appointments, share our faith and encourage one another.

Any structure or specific convictions? Sure we have!

What we believe

There are two foundational “Pillars” of Evangelical belief.

  1. ”Salvation comes through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ”. “In Christ alone” we sing.
  2. The Bible, is God’s Word and the authoritative guide for our lives.

It’s amazing to discover how consistent the Christian Church has been through the ages about these “basics” of Christian faith. The most well known confession of faith is the  “Apostolic Creed”.  The Nicene Creed is perhaps another beautiful summary of what we believe. Both are with us  since the very early church.


How we function


ICEL is a fast moving church. A large percentage changes every year, as students graduate and go back to their countries. As a consequence, we have a light organisational structure called 'the board', representing a cross section of the fellowship.

We have between 7 and 10 persons on the the board. Some are rather 'permanent' and a bit older. The board is mixed: men and women, European, African, Asian etc. We meet monthly as a board and discuss, pray and decide about pastoral and other issues in unison. The board presents new board members to the church. If there are no valid objections within some weeks, they will be welcomed to the board.





Chairman: Rob Van den Heuvel

Treasurer: Tabby Gichora

Secretary: Christophe Mertens

Peter Verbruggen



Brian Gentle

Robin Vogelzang



Kenny Siwoku

Sinyeol An

Lies van Urk

Lara Creemers


Pastoral Worker

Since mid 2017 we also have a pastoral worker, Eric Casteel, who; supported by his wife Amy, ensures both continuity in the church and availability for any pastoral matter. You can reach Eric via email (pastoralworker at icel dot be)


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