We would like to welcome you to ICEL.  We are an international Christian fellowship from many different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.  We want to be a "home away from home" for the many who have come to study in Leuven or who are here for other reasons.  An important part of our community though are Belgians. They are the more permanent factor of our Church.  Through the 3 decades that ICEL exists, many hundreds have come and gone. With a large number of them we still have a strong link.  This makes ICEL, what it wants to be, a warm fellowship where Christ is central and His love is to be experienced.

Come, join us!





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You're young (or not so young) and you want to know what Jesus can mean for you ?! Have a look at this free online training material (with coaching)!


CHRISTMAS SERVICE and DINNER - 25 December 2017

Are you far away from home, family and friends at Christmas ? You are very welcome to join us for our Christmas service on Christmas Day in the Chapel of the Pope College (10 am) followed by a Christmas lunch, in Pangaea from about 12.00 till 14.00! We provide a basic rice dish and drinks and would like to ask you to bring something to go along with it such as a meat or vegetable dish, a salad or a dessert. Maybe a special dish from your country?!

To have an idea how much food we need to provide, please fill out the list in church or register via this

sign-up sheet




Pieter Boersema

David Courey

Christophe Mertens

Eric Casteel



The next ICEL vzw General Assembly has been scheduled on Sunday 17 December 2017 (after the Sunday service). All (candidate)members will receive a personal invitation by email. If you wish to become a member, you can find all info for requesting membership here





Naamsestraat 106, 3000 Leuven

Day Activity Time Remarks
Tuesday Women's Prayer Meeting 7.00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study Evening 7.30 PM
Thursday Prayer Meeting 8.00 PM
Friday Chinese Fellowship 7.30 PM
Saturday Nepali Fellowship 6.00 PM

For more information, please contact us with the contact form.



Afrit15 is a club for primary school children and meets every 2nd Saturday, 2 till 5 PM.

Kick-off: Saturday 16 September, at 2 PM.

Dates: 16, 30 September; 14, 28 October; 11, 25 November; 3, 9 December 2017; 6, 20 January; 3, 17 February; 3, 17 March; 14, 28 April; 12, 26 May; 9, 23 June 2018

!! NEW LOCATION !! : Vinkenbosstraat 3, 3001 Heverlee.




Beside the fortnightly Sunday morning JIM programme, there is also the SPOOKRIJDER teenager club (first 3 years of secundary school), which meets every Friday evening from 8.30 till 10.30 PM.

Kick-off: Sunday (exceptional) 17 September, at 2 PM.

Location: Vinkenbosstraat 3, 3001 Heverlee.

Dates: 17, 29 September; 6, 13, 20, 27 October; 11, 17, 24 November; 1, 8, 15, 22 December 2017; 12, 19, 26 January; 2, 9, 23 February; 2, 9, 16, 23 March; 20, 27 April; 4, 18, 25 May; 1, 8, 15, 24 June 2018




Next (monthly) Breeze activity: CHANGÉ in Genk on December 9th 2017 or December 16th 2017 in Sint-Niklaas.



As Christian humanitarian relief and development organisation, Tearfund is involved in meeting the most urgent current needs in the famine in East-Africa.



All info about upcoming activities can be found on the STC website.


Welcome to our church ! 


Fellowship and Prayer


There are different ICEL fellowship groups that meet in an informal way. Each one has a different character and does different things. But all will include prayer!

We also have our Thursday night prayer meeting at ICEL CONNECT. We would like to encourage you to send us your prayer requests and we will pray for you! Use the fill out box (left menu).

You can send it with your name etc. but even if you want to stay unknown, it’s all right. We will pray and God knows! In church there is also the “Red box”, in the back. You can drop a note there and we will take it to the Thursday night prayer meeting.

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